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Healthcare Innovation: Only in the US?

Almost any discussion related to improving healthcare, whether it implicates reducing costs or improving patient outcomes and satisfaction, usually has technology as a core component. Technology, in and of itself will not solve the problems, but used appropriately it will contribute to the transformation of healthcare, as it has in many other industries. Comparably to internet business where the US is leading it looks like the same thing could happen in healthcare, too. Obviously, the US is under the most pressure to change their healthcare landscape but that shouldn’t push us Europeans in the spectator / copy role where we find ourselves in E-Commerce and Social-Mobile.

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Online Food Market: The Case of Germany

Like national tastes, the online gorcery market differs vastly from country to country. Whereas, in the UK, Switzerland and the US online grocers could establish themselves as viable alternatives in Germany every move into online groceries so far has been unsuccessful. While all major UK chains including Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, and Asda have established online delivery operations after Ocado pioneered the business a few years ahead and has ambitious plans in the future, looking at the online presence of German heavyweights ALDI or LIDL is like Internet@2004. Only now Kaisers, an upscale grocer, has opened an online service in Berlin and Munich.  Continue reading

Using the internet, books, and other sources for idea validation

Quick idea validation using reviews

This month I declined my final consulting job offer to pursue my dream of starting my own company. At that stage I only had my vision. As we all know, a vision rests on all sorts of assumptions that need to be validated. Obviously, the best sources to get validation are your customers. However, before launch prospective customers have to do the job. Fortunately, before spending hours asking people on the street the internet provides a very rich source of real customer feedback – found on review sites such as yelp / qype and foursquare. Continue reading

Thinking E-Commerce? Think return policies [pt. I]

This series on return policies originated in my bachelors studies. The first part describes why return policies are used and why it is important to think about them. The second part will describe the costs and benefits of return policies in more detail. The third part will briefly show the model used and present a conclusion. I hope that the series will be interesting to all people working in ecommerce and shopping online in general.

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