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Hey ya, thanks for stopping by!

I’m Alex and ifigure.de is my personal blog. Do you like figuring things out? Do you like discussing things that you’ve learned – surprising facts or everyday observations? Do you believe in openness? So do I!

I am a constant learner and love every new insight. I believe that insights have to be shared and an open discourse has many benefits. Currently, my goal is to accelerate time to market for new therapies and bring patient-centricity and transparency into clinical research. As one of the founders of the viomedo clinical trials platform I’m doing just that. Previously, I was with Rocket Internet. Among other projects I was involved with Foodpanda during my time at Rocket. Before that I was the director of Rankpanel.

Since the age of 7 I was involved in entrepreneurial activities: It started with trading and selling Pokemon Cards in primary school. I remember that I was quite proud for earning 70 DM (former German currency) in one day (!), which was quite a lot of cash for an immigrant kid. I started working when I was 16 years old and was never afraid of any kind of job. Even shitty shounding jobs like selling shoes at flea markets and doing promotion for a gym chain provided me with several learning experiences and a few funny anecdotes.

During my undergrad at a German business school, I have been involved in several extracurricular activities including chairing the entrepreneurial group. The entrepreneurship bug caught me for real while I was interning with successful start-ups KupiVIP and Picklive.

This blog is about the little I have already learned, the things I currently learn and about (hopefully) a lot of insights that I will accumulate in the future. It is about all the sparks, however small, that excite and fascinate me. Ifigure.de focuses on entrepreneurship and learning in all the ways I see it. I am especially passionate about opportunities that the internet has to offer for decision-making, data-driven insights, healthcare and mobile.

I have learned a lot from the experiences and insights of other people – peers, colleagues, teachers, young and old – in person, or via the internet mainly because I have asked and listened. The opportunities for learning have presented themselves along the way during college (WHU and LSE) and work – in different countries and sectors. I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to meet great people from different backgrounds and cultures. This is why I hope that you will enter into a conversation with me and leave a comment in order to share your insights and point of view.

Best of luck with your entrepreneurial and learning career! You should follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.