Hi, I’m Alexander Puschilov.

“I Figured Out” is my personal blog, that I’ve started in 2011. I consider myself to be a full stack entrepreneur. After selling my last company Viomedo, I am currently spending more time thinking about systems and models again. As a builder, I get my hands dirty doing distribution (sales, marketing, product) and team building.

Most of my professional career has been spent at technology companies. The mobile web was just starting to explode when I finished my master’s degree. At the same time, software was about to start eating healthcare and deep learning became feasible. As a consequence, the intersection of these three trends became a driving force of my career.

After a short stint at a pharma strategy consulting boutique in New York, I was responsible for spinning out a technology product from a digital agency. I left that company to start and scale several ventures with Rocket Internet across Europe and Asia. But my passion for healthcare pulled me back in. In 2014, I have started working on Viomedo, a company that accelerates time-to-market for new therapies. We were purchased at the end of 2018 by Clariness.

Other than that, I do focused Angel Investing and try my best to help move the healthcare system to a more sustainable basis that provides more actual health, value and access to everyone. I am member of the healthcare board of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and a jury member of the health-i award.

I live in Berlin.

Thanks for visiting.

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